The Family Story of Wyndham Hills

The Family Story of Wyndham Image

This is the family story of Wyndham Hills. Once a family farm, the premier home development is nestled on a 250-acre tract of land located in Hastings, Minnesota, just south of the Twin Cities.

Previously known as the Wallin farm, this cherished area has evolved over the years into Hastings Premier development.

Originally from North Dakota, Carl and Theresa Wallin moved to Minnesota in the 1920’s. They settled in south Minneapolis. Carl had been raised on a farm in North Dakota, and had always loved farm life. The pull of farming kept tugging at Carl. Eventually, in the 1930’s, he and Theresa purchased this farm land.

Fishing the Vermillion River

Carl dug in, establishing a working homestead. He planted corn, soybeans, and oats. Carl and Theresa’s two boys, Duane and Winston, began raising turkeys, chickens, and hogs.

As adults, the sons returned frequently for family get-togethers. They brought along their own growing families to enjoy family fun on the farm.

Even now, Carl and Theresa Wallin’s grandchildren reminisce about picnics, fishing, and playing with their cousins on their family land. As the years passed and the family grew, the one constant was the farm.

Family story of Wyndham Hills Farm

This cherished land has been passed down through the family for generations.

Even today, now as a development creating memories for many families, members of the Wallin family actively manage the Wyndham Hills development.

Playing Games in the Park

Carl and Theresa Wallin’s legacy lives on in Wyndham Hills, by celebrating family, love, and tradition. From its beginnings, first as the Wallin family farm, to today as Wyndham Hills development, the sense of community has been a strong focus of Wyndham Hills.

The Wallin family, honoring the values of Carl and Theresa, wish to share this land with other families, to build their own sense of community. Currently in its 19th addition, the Wyndham Hills development has about 50 lots remaining.

Winding Gravel Road

This is the Wallin family legacy, which they proudly carry forward. The development offers families an opportunity to begin their own traditions.

Additionally, the setting offers a chance to build memories and cherish the land as the Wallins have done for generations. This is the family story behind the beautiful Wyndham Hills.

Vermillion River Runs Through The Development